850 W. Eastwood Apartments, Chicago, IL

850 Eastwood was the first building in the country to take advantage of HUD’s LIPRA (Low Income Preservation Act) program intended to renew Section 236 programs and HUD 221(d)(3) developments. Chicago Community Development Corporation partnered with the Voice of the People as the first non-profit to obtain a grant to buy the building from the developer and another grant to rehab the building and maintain the section 8 subsidy in the building. The 16 story, 231 unit building was completely updated with windows, kitchens, bathrooms and minor plan revisions, most new mechanical and plumbing, public space upgrades and the addition of a day care on the ground floor. Renovations were intended to modernize the interior and exterior of the building and to facilitate a greater sense of community among the residents. LBBA worked with several Chicago artists to install a glass mosaic tile mural with a design reflecting textiles brought in from the residents 32 different nationalities.

Uptown, Chicago, IL


Completed 1992

Unit Count



Chicago Community Development Cooporation

Voice of the People